MPP Panelized Affordable Housing

As my graduate presentation, I was able to present the graduate research project that I have been a part of this term and will continue throughout the year. The project is developing affordable, panelized housing utilizing Mass Plywood Panels (MPP) sourced from Freres Lumber in Oregon. The goal of this project is to construct a... Continue Reading →

Portalen (Portal) Pavilion

The project is inspired by Frei Otto's institute for lightweight structures in the 1970s. The structure is a public piece of art, a lightweight timber canopy meant for various purposes like meeting space, community gathering, recitals, open-air theatre/ performance area and is located in Hageby Sweden, and completed in 2019 and officially opened in September... Continue Reading →

End-of-Life and Reusing Mass Timber

Amanda Stanton M.S. Terminal Project: Reusing Mass Timber: An Investigation of the Opportunities and Challenges The exploration of the end-of-life of mass timber materials has little information. As mass timber buildings become increasingly constructed and used, the question of what will happen to the products at the end-of-life of the building comes into question. Currently,... Continue Reading →

MPP Facades

This project is funded through a Wood Innovation Grant and proposes retrofitting existing multi-family housing buildings with a new envelope system that can be applied directly over the existing facade. Within the west coast lies the Cascadia subduction zone which has a return period of 400-600 years. We are due for a catastrophic earthquake at... Continue Reading →

Biogenic Carbon in LCA and Practice

Carbon Sequestration is an important aspect of bio-based materials in the scope of climate change mitigation. The carbon that is stored in wood, aka biogenic carbon, is often excluded from traditional LCA calculations under the carbon neutrality assumption which presumes that emissions lost from the harvest and use of trees will eventually be re-sequestered into... Continue Reading →

Eugene Saturday Market Amphitheater

The Eugene Saturday Market Amphitheater is a seasonal installation meant to provide a performance space for local artists and bands in the Eugene Saturday Market during the spring/summer time. While the structure's primary purpose is to serve artists and therefore act as the focal point within the market, the bandshell can also serve a variety... Continue Reading →


by Ryan Decius, Dylan O'Brien, Simone O'Halloran, and Talina Nelson Our stage is located in Telluride, Colorado, specifically designed for the Telluride Jazz Festival. However, there are a multitude of other festivals that occur in Telluride between May and October that the stage could be used for. The plan, section, and elevation of this stage... Continue Reading →

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