Star Gazer Canopy

The most important learning outcome in this design was learning how to use connections in order to combat forces. The thicknesses and types of connections we have at each of our member connection were decided because of the types of loads that they would combat. For example, the thicker outframe provided a stronger lateral load support as well as the connection piece to connect the frame. The major obstacle was trying to figure out what material is available to be able to be used to create our design and if our design could be supported by the material available. This was challenging because it limited our ideas and scale of what we wanted our design to be. However, we were able to come around this by creating an intimate space for people to be in.
Our design was greatly praised for the simplicity of the pattern. The reviewers liked the pattern shape and how it is light and airy in the center. The greatest critique was to try and extend this pattern and feeling of airiness down into the walls of the canopy. They thought that the walls were too constricting about because the pattern itself is open, they wanted us to explore more of the openness down into the walls.

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