Tayler Jones – Week 7

RESPONSE During the pinup on Monday we got a lot of very helpful feedback from our reviewers. Rob Thallon was concerned about the dimensions of the vertical members (ie. their length), and noted that we would need to use a good deal of steal to join them together at their ends in order to form... Continue Reading →

Ignace, Nolwenn, Zachary | Week 6

Post-Review Takeaways Although our form gravitated toward radial geometry reminiscent of a maple leaf or a fan, it is not optimized and is too heavy to capture the lightness of these precedents. Our reviewers suggested reducing the weight of everything as much as possible to make the design more economical and lightweight. To do so,... Continue Reading →

Charles, Fernando, Conrad | Week 6

Post-Review The biggest feedback for our presentation was to “just make it a triangle”- by adding a third structure, the whole thing will become much more stable. One weakness we knew about going into the presentation was the tendency of the roof to deform- more secondary members spanning each roof portion would help resist this... Continue Reading →

Hayden Rensch, Miriam Frank, Shrenik Bora

RESPONSE: Most of the comments during our review related to the size and weatherproofing strategies for our pavilion. We currently fill the site with roughly a 24' bent stretching into a 38' bent East to West. Reviewers and students admired the elegance and subtlety, but urged us to downsize for manageable spans and assembly. We... Continue Reading →

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