For this review, our team chose to focus on the presentation of our beautiful frame structure. The reciprocal frame could be used for a variety of applications, but we highlighted the bridge application as our constructable installation. We discussed the constraints of time and resources that led us to making some design decisions leading into construction of the bridge. One of these constraints was the available material, as there are few 3″ and 4″ panels able to used for fabrication. This realization led to the design to vary the depth of the framing members, concentrating the shallow 3″ pieces in the middle of the frame and using the thicker 4″ pieces closer to the base. This was well received, and the reviewers appreciated the thought that went into the constructability of the design.

The walking panels for the bridge still have room for improvement. The only solution that will allow the frame to be fully experienced is to stray from the wood materials and employ a translucent material such as polycarbonate. This could also allow the bridge to become slightly wider, at least for the walking surface, which would lend towards accessibility.

In conclusion, we are proud of the reciprocal frame we created and believe that the system would be successful in fabrication.

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