Student Work

River Road CoHo

River Road CoHoDraft River Road CoHo is a co housing project project made up of micro unit clusters to house vulnerable and unhoused populations in the Eugene area. The clusters face each to create a sense of community and each unit can be distinguished by the color on the door, creating a sense of identity.... Continue Reading →

Riverwood – Final

The Riverwood project is a Micro Unit housing intended to provide shelter for refugees. It is designed to be rapidly constructed and easily expandable. These units can be a temporary or permanent housing solution which overtime can be developed into an entire community. Units will be constructed to individual resident's needs, and overtime can be... Continue Reading →

The Grove – Crisis Responsive Design

Eugene has one of the highest populations of unhoused people per capita in the country. Our goal in creating this community is to provide people with shelter by designing micro-units that can be quickly assembled and are made out of inexpensive, but durable materials. In this project we are striving to create community for people... Continue Reading →

Theseus’ Village | Final

Throughout the term we have been developing a modular structural system which uses Ponderosa Pine timber poles. Round-wood timber products are in their most structural and natural form. Hollow steel tube connections became an important aspect of our kit of parts. A driving concept was constructing a primary structure which allows for simple, tenant-built units.... Continue Reading →

Pine White Grove Community

Pine White Grove is a community in Eugene, Oregon that aims to provide an affordable, sustainable, safe space for climate or political refugees. By creating modular 'micro-units,' Pine White Grove provides rapid shelter options for refugees that are eventually customizable and adaptable to various household sizes and needs. The community also features a public community... Continue Reading →

Mass Timber Refugee Housing

This project aims to create a livable space for those in need in the Eugene, Oregon area. Our goal is to present an affordable housing option that a can be customized to a variety of needs for different people. Our unique design provides structural stability, a sense of homeliness and personal space, and overall a... Continue Reading →

Pine White Grove – Iteration 2

For the second iteration, the project team focused more on the development of the community building and on further developing the micro-unit. The redesign considerations focused on enhancing the user-experience and incorporating lessons learned from trauma-informed design studies. Team Members Ethan Frolov 3rd Year University of Oregon Architecture Major Andrew Garcia 5th Year Oregon State... Continue Reading →

Pine White Grove – Iteration 1

A community created for refugees who have been affected by a natural disaster. This community will focus on fostering a sense of safety and privacy for individuals facing troubling times. Residents of this community will not only experience the warmth of their temporary homes, but also become a part of an integrated environment with opportunities... Continue Reading →

River Road CoHo Village

Today, community is more important than ever. A diverse community of independent households, The River Road CoHo Village is a great place for people that are struggling to find a sense of belonging and purpose. The design of the micro units is set on the idea of prefabricated modular structures that can be easily assembled... Continue Reading →

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