Coastal Grove Table

We initially set out to design an easily assembled, nomadic structure that would house various types of events on a beach setting. We created a reciprical system that could be scaled both horizontally as well as vertically, in order to meet the needs of various types and sizes of events. While the scheme itself was somewhat simple, the bracing and connections of members proved to be complex. After our first set of reviews, we dramatically reduced the scale of our design to something that is both more simple and could be fabricated within the one week allotted. Our new design, a timber table based on a reciprical frame, incorporates elements of our first design but simplifies them into a much more clean and neat product. While this is subject to change, it currently consists of 2 x 2 members that have angled and compound cuts, The stabiity of the table comes with each member relying on one another, as well as the weight of the table top pushing down upon them creating tension. Our iterative process that has produced two very different types of structures demonstrate the flexibililty of uses and scales of a singular design scheme.

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