Blumer Lehmann

Blumer Lehmann is an industry leader in Swiss timber construction. Their innovative team is able to bring the architect’s timber dreams to life through technical planning and assembly. They are best known for their innovative fabrications, which are created utilizing the best parametric technology available. Following 3D modeling, the engineering team creates realistic mock-ups to test connections and structural integrity. They view the mock-up to be not only beneficial, but crucial to a project’s success. The physical model provides insight into assembly, quality and cost, which directly relate to safety during construction and occupancy.

Blumer Lehmann has completed work all over the world, working in partnership with international design firms such as Foster + Partners, Shigeru Ban Architects or Herzog and de Meuron. Their timber design feats have rightfully gained worldwide attention, specifically that of their “free-form” fabrications. Lehmann defines “free-form” as structures that are non-standard and unique to every detail, such as the design of Cambridge Mosque, located in completed in 2018 in partnership with Marks Barfield Architects.

Lehmann Group describes the initial impression of the structure: “The timber construction becomes clearly apparent in the entrance area, where the first of the thirty timber columns can be seen as they soar upwards like trees, merging with the lattice-like ceiling structure to form a vast tracery of timber.” It is explained that the architect was hoping to invoke the feeling of a “garden of paradise,” forming a tree-like structure to support the mosque. The impressive structure was created from a modular system that included 2746 components in 145 variants. The exceptional amount of components created complexity in construction that was overcome by precisely labelling all of the various components.

The Lehmann Group has established themselves as experts in timber construction, specifically in free-form structures, which will hopefully inspire another generation of designers to dream big in terms of timber. It is imperative for the future of sustainable design that we continue to push the boundaries with naturally renewable resources to create value in their investment. By designing beautiful, long lasting spaces with wood, we are ensuring that these buildings will become a part of their community and stand for years to come, the ultimate sustainability goal.


“Timber Construction: Free Form: Modular Construction.” Lehmann Gruppe,

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