Team 1: Midterm 2

Our stage is located in Telluride, Colorado, specifically designed for the Telluride Jazz Festival. However, there are a multitude of other festivals that occur in Telluride between May and October that the stage will also be of use for. The plan, section, and elevation of this stage demonstrates the stage within its context and gives... Continue Reading →

Team 1 Midterm

Our Setting: Telluride Jazz Festival The Telluride Jazz Festival is an annual gathering at the base of the Rocky Mountains in the picturesque town of Telluride. The pristine natural setting and the intimate format results in an immersive live music experience that has brought Jazz fans and musicians from around the world the past four... Continue Reading →

Group 3 Midterm (Ashley Miller, Amanda Stanton, Grayson Wright, and Kristian Walker)

Group 3’s project revolves around the qualities and characteristics that stood out to us with a Japanese fan: LightnessArrayStructure – Wood Members with a Light Skin Between the Structure The project is located in Amazon Park, Eugene, Oregon. The surrounding neighborhood provides a wide range of community activities and involvement with the site. These activities... Continue Reading →

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