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Q. How can I get patterns onto a specific shape?
A. You can use Surface Divide to get a grid onto a shaped surface OR Paneling Tools and Trim Grid (use the shaped object to trim it).

Q. Why were the points set up differently for the Column and for the Beam examples?
A. The column and beam can be defined a multitude of ways. A fixed line or fixed end points may be set into parameters. Or to create an adjustable length member, one endpoint may be fixed and the other endpoint set by an adjustable number slider on a vector.

Q. What is t in Shatter? How does the Shatter work with the Range or Divide tool?
A. Points along a curve are defined by a numeric range from the start point to the endpoint such as (0 to 5.67). The Range component creates a list of numbers that can be assigned as “t” to correspond to regular positions along the curve. The Divide generates both the “t” values and the points at those “t” locations. Shatter uses a list of “t” values to split the line into segments at the “t” locations. David Rutten explains it here.

In the braced or constrained column example files, the column is divided so we can set the constraint at a particular location. In the beam example, creating similar intermediate nodes allows placement of a point load.

Q. What is the function of the Cross-section Range Selector?
A. It provides a table for the Optimize Cross Section component (under the Algorithms menu)

Q. What is the function of the points input on the Line2Beam component?
A. The points provide addressable nodes into the structural model. They do not compose a line for the structural member, only straight line segments can become beams or structural members.


Q. Where can I download those GH plug-ins?
A. Basic ones are *


00 Additional useful pieces:
SingleStroke Font (place in Windows Fonts folder)

*Paneling Tools (wrapping patterns)
*Lunchbox (geometry)
*Weaverbird (geometry)

*Karamba (structures)
*Kangaroo (physics simulator) 0.99 & 2.14:
Millipede (structures)

03 FABRICATION (optional)
FabTools (fabrication aids)

Q. The Grasshopper icons are really tiny on my MacbookPro screen, so I can barely work.  How can I enlarge them?

Q. The Paneling Tools installer is not working on my machine:  I double click and nothing happens.


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