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Pavilion Teams

Talina Nelson, Dylan O’Brien, Ryan Decius, Simone O’Halloran
Ethan Bloom, In Ho Jung, Evan Doty, Kenneth Alessandro
Ashley Miller, Amanda Stanton, Grayson Wright, Kristian Walker
Kalei Kittleson, Alex Hilton, Aaryn Gray, Tinal Alshaibani
Payton Narancic, Honour Colby, Ted Stephenson, Connor Rich

Talina Nelson

Background, including knowledge & skills relevant to this class: Talina was born and raised in Gresham, Oregon but moved to Sandy, Oregon during high school. She grew up designing and crafting prix-cars with her dad which increased her interested towards design. As she grew up, she started to help her dad with his project and interior remodeling which made her want to pursue a dream as an architect.

Interests and goals:

Talina enjoys listening to music and also plays instrument like guitar. Also, she likes to play sports and stay active with her friends.

Teamwork experience & insights:

When it comes to group work, Talina believes that communication and being able to talk to your peers about problem is important because she believes that healthy conflicts brings the problem forward and allow them to move forward. Also ,she is willing to learn and likes to be open minded.

-Inho Jung | 9/30/2021

Dylan O’Brien

Background, including knowledge & skills relevant to this class: Dylan is from Portland, Oregon. He is in his last year of college at OSU, he recently transferred into the architectural engineering department from the construction management department. Under the broad architectural engineering program, he has enjoyed learning about all of the system that go into a building. Last summer he had an internship with a mechanical contractor in Portland, he was able to work on the PDX Terminal expansion and was amazed by the mass timber structure.

Interests and goals: Dylan has always been interested in basketball, from winning the state championship in high school, playing games at OSU to watching the Trail Blazers. During the class, Dylan is interested in wood design and advancing his knowledge of structural design and collaborating within the team setting.

-Simone O’Halloran | 09/30/2021

Ryan Decius

Background: Ryan is a third year architecture student from Napa, California. This is his fifth architecture studio. Ryan grew up in a construction focused family which sparked his interest in architecture as well as his passion for building furniture and working on old cars. Ryan enjoys doing outdoor activities and continues to work on cars like the Bronco he fixed up.

Interests: Ryan is interested in learning about wood timber construction and how timber can be effectively and efficiently used in construction.

Teamwork thoughts: Ryan has good experience working in teams and adapts easily to any team or situation. He is good at staying on top of his work and always gives his best effort to make the best possible product

-Evan Doty | 9/29/21

Simone O’Halloran

Background: Simone is from Portland and went to Wilson High School. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2020 with a degree in Architecture and decided to continue her studies in the MS Architecture program at UO, focusing on mass timber. Simone is a dual citizen in the US and Sweden and occasionally visits. She is a proud Portland Trail Blazers fan and enjoys spending her evenings cooking and enjoying a refreshing beer while watching a Blazers game.

Interests and Goals: Simone’s focus in her graduate studies is in mass timber, and in the short time meeting her, it was clear she is very excited about this class and her career in mass timber moving forward. Walking through Peavy Hall, she was taking pictures and making observations. She was engaged and excited about the building style and even had creative ideas on designing components differently. Simone looks forward to deepening her knowledge of mass timber and contributing to the recent rapid development of the industry.

Teamwork thoughts: Simone worked on a townhouse project in Portland for a small firm. The project went well, and she continues to work for the firm even while completing her masters. That project has given her teamwork experience on a professional level.

-Dylan O’Brien | 9/30/2021

Ethan Bloom

Background: Ethan graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelors of Architecture before spending a year doing research with the Tallwood Design Institute. He returned to university to pursue his Masters in Mass Timber Design.

Interests: Ethan is interested in learning new software for this class, as well as mastering parametric design. He believes that parametric design is going to be the industry norm for mass timber structures, and is hoping to become proficient with it. He also is hoping to get more design experience working in this class. Ethan would like to learn more about Forestry, as well as generative design.

Teamwork Thoughts: Ethan believes that communication is extremely important in a team environment. He believes that everyone in a group will be at different levels of proficiency and skill, so respecting everyone’s background and timeline is important. Some people may not have as much time to work on the project outside of class, others may struggle more with software. Ethan believes that not stressing anyone out or getting worked up about these differences is key to a positive experience. He is all about keeping it real, respectfully.

-Kristian Walker 09/29/2021

In Ho Jung

Background: In Ho is originally from Korea and moved to Oregon at the age of 10. From that point on, In Ho grew up in many different areas within the state and went to high school in Beaverton. After graduating high school, he took a gap year and went back to Korea. He then spent some time traveling Europe and began to develop a greater interest in architecture. He has always been interested in spaces and, therefore, chose to study architecture at the University of Oregon.

Interests: In Ho enjoys listening to music and watching films, particularly if they are crime and murder documentaries. He also really enjoys quality time spent with friends.

Teamwork Thoughts: When working in a team setting, In Ho knows that communication is the most important. If a team is not communicating, then plans will fall through every time. He also knows that it is crucial to be clear when sharing ideas so that everyone is on the same page. Lastly, he knows how important it is to ask for help and to lend a hand to one another.

-Talina Nelson | September 29, 2021

Evan Doty

This is Brennan, awaiting Evan’s photo

Background: Evan is a third year architecture student at the University of Oregon. Where he has taken 4 architectural studio classes and is thinking about minoring in business. Evan grew up in Seattle and loves being able to see water all around he city. He grew up in a family with a construction background helping his father with jobs including remodeling their own house. He enjoyed the hands on work helping his dad as well as building furniture. Evan is also enjoys the outdoors, he used to play baseball a lot but has now switched over to golf. He also enjoys skiing, hiking, and camping.

Interests: Evan is excited to learn about tectonics in this class. He is excited to work in a group setting and help other succeed.

Teamwork Thoughts: Evan believes that a strong team needs to have a confident leader that knows what its group members strengths and weakness are and can give people the best chance to succeed for themselves and their team. Evan is very well rounded and can adapt to many situation to help his team.

-Ryan Decius | 9/29/2021

Kenneth Alessandro

Background: Kenneth has taken three previous architectural design studios with timber construction as a major focus in his work. An example of one of those studios was a mass timber cabin project he completed this summer that focused on construction details such as wood/steel connections.

Interests:  Kenneth is very interested in architectural technologies and how they can advance the building industry. He learned about kinetic architecture in his structures courses and wants to explore that more, potentially in this studio. He is also interested in wood engineering of CLT and GluLam and how they make up timber tectonics!

Teamwork Thoughts: Kenneth believes that a good team should include: a strong team leader to initiate conversation and get the group moving, strong communication throughout the project, and frequent check-ins with every team member.

-Honour Colby | 09/29/2021

Ashley Miller

Background: Ashley has a background in Fine Arts and Science. She concentrated on printmaking in her undergrad while also taking some physics classes. Utilizing a tablet and touch-stylus, she has been developing her digital media skills to capture the feeling character of the architecture and spaces created from it.

Interests: A concerning occurrence that she’s noted in her home state of Wyoming is the danger beetle-killed Pine trees. When these tree die they become tinder for forest fires. She recognizes this potential to use this un-used deadfall as material for mass-timber projects.

Teamwork Thoughts: While Ashley was studying for her bachelors degree she worked as a studio gallery intern, where she helped curate and hang visiting artists work in the art gallery at UW. In the year after she graduated she was a post undergraduate assistant to the printmaking department where she helped teach the beginning printmaking studios.

-Kalei Kittleson and Alex Hilton | 9/29/21

Amanda Stanton

Background: Amanda is originally from Boulder City Nevada. She graduated from the University of Oregon with an undergraduate degree in architecture. Shortly after, Amanda moved up to Seattle to get her masters in architecture from the University of Washington. Because she missed Eugene so much, she came back to get a masters of science with a focus on mass timber. Some of her relevant work experience includes an internship with Pivot architects where she was able to gain real world experience from professional architects.

Interests: Amanda has been interested in drawing, painting, and everything art since she was kid and it has followed her into college. She’s excited to learn grasshopper to create looser designs than Revit allows. With the new rhino to Revit workflow there are endless possibilities.

Teamwork Thoughts: Amanda has plenty of experience working on a team, from her internship at Pivot to her multiple degrees at different schools, she has been a part of many group projects. She’s a team player and knows that it takes good leadership and communication to accomplish the task.C

-Connor Rich | 09/29/21

Grayson Wright

Interests: Grayson’s favorite architect is Antoni Gaudi due to all the colors he uses in his buildings. Grayson likes to draw and has knowledge in 3D printing and laser cutting.

Background: Grayson is from Beaverton, Oregon and studying Architecture at University of Oregon. Grayson is currently a junior and is great at using Sketchup and Rhino and has some experience with Grasshopper.

Teamwork thoughts: Grayson worked at Sam labs during the summer with children at STEAM camp. This shows leadership that Grayson believes is an important skill in a successful team. Grayson currently works as an usher for sporting events around the area which shows off her ability to work well in a team. Grayson believes that communication, staying on track, and getting tasks done is vital in a team.

-Daniel S. | 9/29/2021

Kristian Walker

Background: Kristian is in his second year of college at OSU (but has junior status) and is pursuing his bachelor of architectural engineering. He has worked with a transportation engineering company and is very good with math and physics. Kristian has studied structural analyses as well as lighting and acoustic design.

Interests: Kristian is interested in wood design especially as it applies to buildings. He also hopes to experience a more hands-on approach in contrast to the solely on-paper perspective he is used to working with. Kristian is also looking for a challenge and hopes to work with those willing to take some risks by pushing the project’s aesthetic boundary or capabilities rather than deal with playing it safe and typical.

Teamwork Thoughts: Kristian likes a team that is engaged, adventurous and understanding. He is a very good presenter and does not shy away from voicing his opinion, however is careful to do so kindly and respectfully when it may be in disagreement. Kristian believes it is important to for team members to work cooperatively, not be at each others throats and also not take criticism personally as constructive criticism is for the team or project’s betterment.

-Ethan Bloom | 09/29/21

Kalei Kittleson

Background:  Kalei is a native Oregonian from Portland, she grew up in a multigenerational home, we talked at length about how multi-generational households can be beneficial to the upbringing of children. Kalei is an architectural engineering major she was drawn to this class because of past classes that focused on timber buildings and how they’re affected by hurricanes and earthquakes. She was inspired to be and Arch. engineer by her father who was a contractor who dabbled in design work, she always wanted to expand on his ideas and move forward with his practices.

Interests: Kalei wants to use the knowledge base she has gained so far and this class to further understand how wood can be used efficiently and how using it will better the environment.

Teamwork/Skills: As a learning assistant, she worked together with other assistants to help others and avoid confusions. Her internship in Florence allowed her to participate in a timber house project. Communication, willingness to listen and clear goals are some aspects of teamwork she found valuable.

-Ashley Miller, Alex Hilton | 09/29/2021

Alex Hilton

Background: Alex is a second year architecture graduate at University of Oregon. He grew up in Buffalo, New York. In undergrad he majored in fine arts and minored in art history at Ithaca College. He has a professional background with Horticulture and some landscape planning. Alex has visual drawing and communication skills. He also has experience with wood working and design.

Interests/Activities: Alex is interested in Biomimicry and how it can be applied to a structure. He is also interested in the portable aspect of the project of the performance space. His goal is to better understand how the computer modeling systems will be used to refine and express the shapes of mass timber structural members.

Teamwork Thoughts: Alex used to do a lot of team portage camping. He also played on some sport teams. He was the head of the Receiving Department at his old job. He believes that positive feed back, managing expectations, and communication of intentions is important in a team.

-Kalei Kittleson | 10/01/2021

Aaryn Gray

Background: Aaryn was born and raised in Hawaii before moving to Oregon. She is a first year student in a Master’s in Science degree. She specializes in mass timber architecture. She is currently trying to figure out her thesis, however she is sure that she wants her thesis to incorporate mass timber. She has one year left until she completes her degree. Aaryn received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon. During her undergraduate years, she spent a lot of time researching mass timber design, which is what inspired her to focus on mass timber for her M.S degree.

Interests and goals: Aaryn has many interests within the arts. She really likes to paint using watercolors. She also likes to doodle and sketch with pens. Outside of the arts, she likes to be outdoors. Aaryn really likes to snowboard as well as spend time hiking.

Teamwork Thoughts: When it comes to teamwork, Aaryn really likes to have a clear and well-organized schedule. She likes the tasks to be spread out to people according to each individual’s strength. That way, things would be done more proficiently. Aaryn also likes to stay on top of deadlines to prevent the team from falling behind.

-Tina Alshaibani | 09/30/2021

Tina Alshaibani

Background:  Tina is a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Oregon studying Architecture. Originally from Qatar, Tina’s passion for architecture was stemmed from seeing her country develop over time. With a specific interest in residential design, Tina hopes to design the homes that inspire her. Additionally, Tina has experience from her extensive travels around the U.S. and Internationally.

Interests:  Tina is interested in all things art and design. She loves drawing and creating expressive artworks. Tina also loves being outdoors and hiking. Some fun facts about Tina are that she taught herself Korean at a very young age and her favorite show is the Office, which she re watched eight times thus far. Her goals for this course is to jump in to learning new software as well as learn more about timer design.

Thoughts on Teamwork:  Tina is a very organized student. She likes a clear schedule and list of tasks to work on. In a group she wants to stay well informed on all assignments and tasks. Specifically, Tina’s strengths favor in design development and the more creative side of architecture rather than the mechanical and structural side.

-Aaryn Gray | 09/30/2021

Payton Narancic

Background: Payton is a graduate student in the Mass Timber program who was originally from San Jose. Payton came to University of Oregon as an undergrad after finishing a few terms at UC Santa Cruz. The architecture program was a main draw for Payton. She has worked with an architecture, helping use CAD programs to design.

Interests: Payton is very interested in timber design after realizing the sustainability, and the workability of timber in general. She got a better understanding of this during a timber studio she took during her undergraduate program.

Teamwork Thoughts: Payton has participated effectively in many group studios throughout her time in school. This has enhanced her communication and teamwork skills in general. Working in a firm also has helped these skills. One thing she has learned about teamwork is to always ask questions, it would be better to ask questions than get left behind in a project.

-Ted Stephenson 9/30/2021

Honour Colby

Background: Honour is a 3rd year B.Arch student. She has quite an experience when it comes to Heavy timber construction as she designed a helped her father build a treehouse when she was in middle school. This treehouse specifically had a lot of kinetic architecture in it. She has previously worked on a library studio project wherein the primary structure used is mass timber. Last summer she interned as a project engineer intern in a general contractor firm where she worked on a commercial mass timber project and learned a lot about the construction of timber.

Interests: Since building and designing a treehouse with kinetic architecture, Honour has developed interests with this aspect of architecture. In addition she is interested in the human scale of buildings, the materiality of timber, including its sustainability aspect and construction.

Thoughts on Teamwork: In a group setting, Honour believes that a group would be successful if tasks are clear and delegated properly, In addition, communication with each other and knowing how each other works is really important in the success of a group.

-Kenneth Alessandro | 9/30/21

Ted Stephenson

Background: Ted is a 4th year architectural engineering major at OSU and is originally from the Portland area. He grew up spending time in the outdoors which contributed to his interest in timber-based construction; he finds the idea of constructing buildings out “plants” intriguing and is looking forward to learning more about the possibilities of wood construction. Ted enjoys the art of designing buildings and uses Revit as his software of choice.

Interests: Ted is looking forward to shifting his focus from concrete and steel construction to the dynamic qualities of wood construction in this course. He plans to one day become a licensed engineer and travel to New Zealand.

Thoughts on Teamwork: Ted has worked in group settings previously and has learned the importance of communication especially when a group member is unsure of something. Transparency allows the team to grow and effectively work together.

-Payton Narancic | 09/29/2021

Connor Rich

Background: Connor is from Beaverton, Oregon where his has lived since the age of four. He is in his 4th year of his Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Oregon. He loves graphic design and originally wanted to pursue graphic design in college, however, he was inspired by the impact architecture can have on people and took architectural classes in high school before applying to the University of Oregon. Over the past summer, Connor worked on the new Hamilton Hall at the University of Oregon with WPI as a Project Engineer Intern. When it comes to architectural programs, Connor is skilled in Revit.

Interests: During the studio, Connor is interested in learning more about Grasshopper and computer programs for design. He is also interested in architecture that is impactful and appreciated by the community – mainly with unique forms (organic) and uses. Outside of studio and school, he is interested in commercial design.

Teamwork Thoughts: Connor knows how to work in a team that is efficient from his internship with WPI, where he was able to experience both the architectural and construction sides of design. He knows that teamwork requires engagement among peers and creativity to craft meaningful and expressive structures.

-Amanda Stanton | 09/29/2021

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