Team 1 Midterm

Our Setting: Telluride Jazz Festival The Telluride Jazz Festival is an annual gathering at the base of the Rocky Mountains in the picturesque town of Telluride. The pristine natural setting and the intimate format results in an immersive live music experience that has brought Jazz fans and musicians from around the world the past four... Continue Reading →

Group 3 Midterm (Ashley Miller, Amanda Stanton, Grayson Wright, and Kristian Walker)

Group 3’s project revolves around the qualities and characteristics that stood out to us with a Japanese fan: LightnessArrayStructure – Wood Members with a Light Skin Between the Structure The project is located in Amazon Park, Eugene, Oregon. The surrounding neighborhood provides a wide range of community activities and involvement with the site. These activities... Continue Reading →

River Road CoHo

River Road CoHoDraft River Road CoHo is a co housing project project made up of micro unit clusters to house vulnerable and unhoused populations in the Eugene area. The clusters face each to create a sense of community and each unit can be distinguished by the color on the door, creating a sense of identity.... Continue Reading →

Riverwood – Final

The Riverwood project is a Micro Unit housing intended to provide shelter for refugees. It is designed to be rapidly constructed and easily expandable. These units can be a temporary or permanent housing solution which overtime can be developed into an entire community. Units will be constructed to individual resident's needs, and overtime can be... Continue Reading →

The Grove – Crisis Responsive Design

Eugene has one of the highest populations of unhoused people per capita in the country. Our goal in creating this community is to provide people with shelter by designing micro-units that can be quickly assembled and are made out of inexpensive, but durable materials. In this project we are striving to create community for people... Continue Reading →

Theseus’ Village | Final

Throughout the term we have been developing a modular structural system which uses Ponderosa Pine timber poles. Round-wood timber products are in their most structural and natural form. Hollow steel tube connections became an important aspect of our kit of parts. A driving concept was constructing a primary structure which allows for simple, tenant-built units.... Continue Reading →

Pine White Grove Community

Pine White Grove is a community in Eugene, Oregon that aims to provide an affordable, sustainable, safe space for climate or political refugees. By creating modular 'micro-units,' Pine White Grove provides rapid shelter options for refugees that are eventually customizable and adaptable to various household sizes and needs. The community also features a public community... Continue Reading →

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