Blumer Lehmann

Blumer Lehmann is an industry leader in Swiss timber construction. Their innovative team is able to bring the architect’s timber dreams to life through technical planning and assembly. They are best known for their innovative fabrications, which are created utilizing the best parametric technology available. Following 3D modeling, the engineering team creates realistic mock-ups to... Continue Reading →


For this review, our team chose to focus on the presentation of our beautiful frame structure. The reciprocal frame could be used for a variety of applications, but we highlighted the bridge application as our constructable installation. We discussed the constraints of time and resources that led us to making some design decisions leading into... Continue Reading →

Portland Harvest

In reflection of the midterm review, we are confident in the direction of the project. The feedback overall about the canopy design was largely hesitant. Many reviewers were non convinced that the column connection was enhancing the overall design. The bridge design was well received, but the walking surface and guardrails left some to be... Continue Reading →

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