Portland Harvest

In reflection of the midterm review, we are confident in the direction of the project. The feedback overall about the canopy design was largely hesitant. Many reviewers were non convinced that the column connection was enhancing the overall design. The bridge design was well received, but the walking surface and guardrails left some to be desired. Moving forward, we plan to further investigate the canopy design by experimenting with removing the columns and extending the structure to the ground plane. This will create a tunnel effect that presents various opportunities, such as creating a “half-pipe” that could be left open on one side but would be covered overheard. It may be possible to design a strong enough ground connection to allow the canopy to cantilever, which could be very exciting. We could also consider creating a full tunnel structure that meets the ground at both ends.

In conclusion, the team feels that the feedback given was very beneficial, and we have a strong sense of what to explore next. The primary goal will be creating a cohesive geometry that is not interrupted by supporting members, whether that be columns, walking panels, or another secondary design element that will distract from the beauty of the reciprocal frame.

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