Lance Parson | Week 9

Feedback Strengths: Design follows through with the parameters of the projectEasily Deployable and cheap to makeStructurally sound. The LRFD Load combination is completely controlled by the dead load. In this case only the weight of the structure.Easy to fabricate and build the joints Feedback Weaknesses and Solutions: Weaknesses: The design is to closely related to... Continue Reading →

Lance Parson | Week 7

Yurt Structure: Review Response Strengths Many of the strengths of the structure we have designed are attributed to the ability of the structure to be deployed and that it is designed to be a temporary structure. Temporary Yurt Design Weaknesses There were several concerns brought to our attention. The first was the structural stability of... Continue Reading →

Lance Parson- Week 2

We started this week discussing columns, and there place as architectural and structural members, such as Duo Gong Brackets. Columns in Civil Engineering are used to hold the load above them. The members are chosen for their compressive strength. This is because the compressive load controls versus the loads in tension. Figure 1: Gou-gong research... Continue Reading →

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