Lance Parson | Week 7

Yurt Structure: Review Response


Many of the strengths of the structure we have designed are attributed to the ability of the structure to be deployed and that it is designed to be a temporary structure.

Temporary Yurt Design


There were several concerns brought to our attention. The first was the structural stability of the structure during construction and while in service. It was important to think about the joints carefully. There were also concerns for the lateral loads on the structure. Lastly we were instructed that the structure may benefit from shifting the design to be made entirely using a reciprocal frame; however, the height maybe too high and give the wrong impression to the user.


Our team has devised several solutions to the concerns from our reviewers. First in order to further stabilize the structure during construction we suggested temporary stabilizing elements such as scaffolding. Furthermore, tension and compression rings may help to stabilize the structure. However I have completed a preliminary analysis of the forces that may be exerted on the structure using OSCE 2014 Ch. 16, supplemented by ASCE 7-16 Ch. 26-27. Using the 2015 NDS supplement to estimate the weight of the elements I concluded that the controlling forces on the structure were due to the dead loads, the structures weight.

Peer Review

During class we reviewed several of the proposed structures. One of the structures was the “Gridshell.” It was a well designed structure that has a natural organic shape. The design was open to utilize natural light for the user, and does not block the view for the first floor offices. Although the structure is well suited to the requirements for the owner there were several possible weaknesses for consideration. These include a difficulty in manufacturing, concerns about the connection of the base, and the deformation of the installation. The solution to these problems may be connected to analyzing for block shear.

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