Lance Parson | Week 9

Feedback Strengths:

  • Design follows through with the parameters of the project
  • Easily Deployable and cheap to make
  • Structurally sound. The LRFD Load combination is completely controlled by the dead load. In this case only the weight of the structure.
  • Easy to fabricate and build the joints

Feedback Weaknesses and Solutions:


  • The design is to closely related to a yurt. While this make this structurally sound and easy to follow through with it may be less exciting?
  • The Roof is only flat and may be hard to complete on top of a yurt like structure.
  • A heavier structure may will require larger structural members to support the tension loads from the heavy sides.


  • Modifications to the structures design should be simple and easy to incoporate late in the term. Solutions may be easy to develop, but it will be important to remember to adhere to the goals of the structure.

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