Billy, Brennen, Cole, Maddy | Week 6 Initial Proposal

Post Review Takeaways:

We found the structure to have some redundancies in its form; “lose the tail” according to a reviewer. The tail of the structure does seem to interfere with the user experience. With that, the orientation of the structure could be adjusted; the structure’s arches are inviting but the open side distracts the arches as the primary entrance. Suggestions leaned towards creating a greater curve in plan to allow more dynamic path of travel, (entrance to exit from either end).

When addressing the connections of the structure, Lamella is suggestedly seems to lend itself to our design. This is a construction method
where the roof is constructed in an arched network consisting of a single lamellae arranged in rhombic form. The vault system comprises short structural members interwoven across a curved surface in a diamond pattern.

We will start protoyping our connections in this week’s lab, focusing our efforts on Lamella.

Lamella Detail:

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