Ignace, Nolwenn, Zachary | Week 6

Post-Review Takeaways

Although our form gravitated toward radial geometry reminiscent of a maple leaf or a fan, it is not optimized and is too heavy to capture the lightness of these precedents. Our reviewers suggested reducing the weight of everything as much as possible to make the design more economical and lightweight. To do so, we will need to investigate how best to modify the geometry to stiffen the frame. This includes consolidating our vertical supports, introducing a second scale of ribs to support the roof plates, and beefing up the edges of the plywood. Small changes would allow us to use far less wood grain and steel to make our pavilion stand up.

Our plan is to decide which of these new elements to include in the Karamba analysis and then to determine how much we can reduce the weight of our materials. And with fewer vertical supports, we will need to reinvent the connection at the “elbow” of our supports as inexpensively and elegantly as possible. This will be the most pressing connection to explore in-detail for our next review. Then, it is just a matter of optimizing the form using our Grasshopper script and telling a compelling story about the assembly of our pavilion.

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