Charles, Fernando, Conrad | Week 6


The biggest feedback for our presentation was to “just make it a triangle”- by adding a third structure, the whole thing will become much more stable. One weakness we knew about going into the presentation was the tendency of the roof to deform- more secondary members spanning each roof portion would help resist this tendency, and will probably be necessary even with the addition of a third tree as the forces will only increase without a corresponding increase in the roof’s ability to resist them laterally.

The other challenge with adding another tree is to fit the structure inside the site boundaries- the current iteration is already pushing them slightly, so a third unit will require more careful attention to size. We have a few modifications in mind already- the bench ring could be smaller, for one. The increased stability granted by a third unit should offset the decreased stability of a smaller base, so that’s easy enough to justify.

Beyond that, we need to start focusing in on the connections. The difficulty as beginners to Rhino and Grasshopper is that we’re not sure how to work with connections in Karamba, or generally how to model such detail in Grasshopper. That’s likely where we’ll have the most need for instruction/help.

Sketches from Nancy about the possibilities for the central space

Connection Questions

The second issue- how the beams in the roof connect to the column “arms”. It seems these could just be screwed together, but that’s not very reusable or easy to get right. Other potential options- creating a CNC dovetail in the MPP “arm”, or some kind of small steel connection.
One alternative to this, which would aid quick construction – prefabricate the roof as a panel. It’s drawn here using plywood under the pretense that having the beams let in to the panel will prevent lateral buckling.

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