Tallwood Pavilion

The design of the pavilion serves as a way to showcase the potential of building with wood products. With the proposed location being within a building, the need for a robust shelter is unnecessary. Panels line the outer members of the structure creating a threshold that welcomes visitors into the pavilion. The storage space serves... Continue Reading →

Triannosaurus Rex

Our design proposal for the Tallwood Design Institute Exhibit Pavilions, Triannosaurus Rex is a triangular timber grid containing a waterproof-fabric of various colors that is elevated by 6 tapered tree-like columns. The aim of our pavilion is to play with light filtration through multi-colored fabrics and the open triangulation formed by the modular angled roof.... Continue Reading →

Node Pavilion

The network of nodes and dowels has come a long way since its conceived beginnings. From the very start of the project, our team utilized the catenary arch to drive the form. We wanted the form to lift, showcasing the potential for wood products. The pavilion stands with a base of 20’x20’ with a max... Continue Reading →

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