Node Pavilion

The network of nodes and dowels has come a long way since its conceived beginnings. From the very start of the project, our team utilized the catenary arch to drive the form. We wanted the form to lift, showcasing the potential for wood products. The pavilion stands with a base of 20’x20’ with a max height of 22’.

The current design of the network has full transparency, no walls, no plates. The system accommodates 12 standing people and 3 sitting staff. The cantilever welcomes those curious and teaches those who stay. Nodes and dowels are the main structural support, where the display cases are a secondary, providing a diaphragm of display.

With 301 dowels and 43 nodes, there is plentiful variety of angles and lengths that can be seen and experienced individually or on a whole. The idea of the structure, conceived from the catenary, was taken further in the direction of a folded plate. Making connections between the mountain peaks the optimization of the form was finally achieved.

Installation of the pavilion only takes a mere 5 hours and 15 minutes of unskilled labor. 8 segments unloaded from a truck weighing no more than 70 pounds each make it easy for the worker to handle. If there is no large truck available, components can be broken down further and easily placed in the trunk of a car.

With a lightweight structure that showcases the wonders of engineered wood products, our hopes for the pavilion is to inspire those to look a little closer. The joints, dowels, and sub-dowels show those teach those who are interested in something light, almost free of gravity.


1 nodal final11 nodal final21 nodal final31 nodal final41 nodal final51 nodal final61 nodal final71 nodal final81 nodal final91 nodal final101 nodal final111 nodal final121 nodal final131 nodal final141 nodal final151 nodal final161 nodal final171 nodal final181 nodal final19

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