by Ryan Decius, Dylan O’Brien, Simone O’Halloran, and Talina Nelson

Our stage is located in Telluride, Colorado, specifically designed for the Telluride Jazz Festival. However, there are a multitude of other festivals that occur in Telluride between May and October that the stage could be used for.

The plan, section, and elevation of this stage demonstrates the stage within its context and gives an idea of the small, intimate scale of the space.

Illustrated below is a basic instruction manual of the steps and processes that would be required for the construction of this stage. Additionally, pre-fabrication and transportation of the components is included to gain a sense of the practicality of assembly and disassembly demonstrated in the design.

A half-scale prototype of a section of one of the bays is displayed to show the type of connection (steel knife plate and bolts/nuts) that will be used in construction. The model also demonstrates the cross-paneling design locked in-between two portal systems. The completion of this model allowed us to explore the feasibility and constructability of our design.

A complete small-scale physical model was constructed to display the overall essence and experience of the stage, as well as to create a way where lighting could be explored within the cross-paneling design.

Lastly, we have tested the structural integrity of our stage design within a Karamba analysis. According to these analysis’, the structure will be able to withstand strong winds (~100 mph) and is, therefore, structurally sufficient for our purposes.

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