Group Three Post-midterm Two Review

11/19/2021 -Amanda S. – Ashley M. – Grayson W. – Kristian W.

Our structure, since the beginning, hasn’t been so much of a fan in design or structure. It has been more of a fan in concept, most reviewers so far have talked about our project not mimicking the fan structure that we like so much. We feel that the fan does not apply to our design and that we will be focusing on our structure system that embodies a light system of curved members and a truss system supported on two primary arch members. We want our structure to have characteristics that express lightness, airiness, and inviting rhythm. The design has gone through many alterations since the first midterm, these interactions explored cantilevered curved members, truss systems for cross bracing, and arches.

Moving forward, we plan to refine our design for portability and ease of connection and construction. Our structure is simple. It is supported with a front and back arch with curved members that span between the two, creating a fluctuating roof with struts between. To shrink our design to meet our goals we plan to flip the direction of the ramps where one would enter at the back of the stage. This will solve the head clearance issue that caused the excessive expansion of our structure. The shrinkage also creates, at first glance, wasted space at the back of the stage. However, we believe that the inclusion of a sounding board that doubles as equipment storage will be a beneficial addition to the space both in structural, lateral, acoustic, and aesthetics.

In summary, we plan to:

  • Shrink the design to aid portabilty and transportation.
  • Refine connections.
  • Design deconstruction, reconstruction, and storage.
  • Carefully consider member sizes for ultimate efficiency and design.

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