Riverpath Gardens: Second Iteration

Group 6: Nada Albader, William Ko, Sydney Palmer

This multi-phase project aims to fill the need for emergency housing with rapidly deployable shelters alongside plans for future development to meet the needs of a permanent community. The first phase of emergency response includes the construction of small micro-units to serve as sleeping pods. Later, modular wall sections can be added to these initial structures to expand their functionality. A large overarching and softly undulating overall structural form will be built as a later part of the phasing, serving to expand the livability of the structures even more. A community center will be built towards the front of the site allowing the residents ample space for dining and other community-enhancing functions. The very front of the site that boarders River Road will be aimed at a broader community use, such as farmers markets, food trucks and large outdoor events, enriching the surrounding neighborhood.

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