Zach | Feedback


+ Reviewers and peers appreciated the references to a maple leaf and fan

+ There is a front and a back to the design, so there is an opportunity to have both prospect and refuge

+ People were optimistic that the geometry would be self-supporting with some slight modifications

+ The experience of looking up at and out of the pavilion is pleasant

+Form creates an interesting opportunity for some unusual radial tables.


+ X-bracing was not reviewers favorite solution to structural stability, therefore, we will investigate changes that influence the global stability of the structure. At least, the angle of the bracing should match the pitch of the roof.

+ Legs splay out, but helicoils might help fix the legs in place

+ The back of the pavilion will be seen from the building and people wandering around the site, so it should have a desirable identity as well. Much like the back of a fan compliments the front of a fan. Breaking up the back corner and putting walls in-between individual supports may stiffen the structure and create a greater sense of enclosure.

+Water runoff has not been resolved, but may be solved by angling the roof upward and bringing water to a rain garden to the rear of the design.

+ One reviewer said the design is a little too serious, but exaggeration of the roof extension and pitch could make it more welcoming and interesting in section.

+ Joinery still lacks resolution. For final, we should investigate simple, elegant solutions for our joinery and visualize them in great detail.

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