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Another Project from Bucholz McEvoy Architects is the Limerick County Hall, Dooradoyle, Limerick, Ireland.

This project was completed in 2003 with an area of 7,300 sqm.
The building design serves the public by housing office space for 260 employees. Designers were task with aesthetically reinforcing the use and understanding of public space in this suburban landscape. So what does this look like? And how do you “hinge” between a semi-natural open space from the small county library that follows the Ballinacurragh creek and an adjacent large shopping mall? The answer is designing a building that hinges between these two environments as requested by the client. This was achieved through innovative design. Linking the semi-natural open space by designing sloping green planes, native vegetation reflects the natural environment as envisioned by the client. Linking the sky to the land was achieved by fabricating a timber screen that is similar to domes and arches that tilt in the direction of the mystical forces that supports our life on earth. The screen arches aways from the building to the natural environment, which supports the life within the walls. Notice how the form at the end of timber screen as it approaches but does not bear any load on the timber retaining walls; seem to mimic our natural inclination to look up towards the sky for inspiration when a wall that means to protect a community limits ones imagination. This space allows for one to create their own means to connecting our imagination to our role within a governed community.

Photography : Michael Moran


My favorite image from this structure is the main atrium, which is a place for local authorizes to meet. As designers, we have potential to use traditional truss systems in an innovative fashion. The use of wood columns reflect the light creating an inviting environment for its users.

What an extraordinary use of wood. The arches and beam mechanical connection to a steal rod place vertically on a building is the essence of both determination and perseverance. No doubt, there were many iterations of this design presented to a client before fabrication was approved by an engineer. This grid shell is an example of how digital fabrication tools can be used to simplify creating a repeated modular design for large scale applications.

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