Mass Timber Refugee Housing

This project aims to create a livable space for those in need in the Eugene, Oregon area. Our goal is to present an affordable housing option that a can be customized to a variety of needs for different people. Our unique design provides structural stability, a sense of homeliness and personal space, and overall a... Continue Reading →

Community For All

The community for all is intended to house refugees from many different situations: natural disaster survivors, the homeless, those who are escaping domestic violence and assault. This little community is trying to provide a secure, safe, and affordable housing options for people affected by such events. From the modular housing units to the large community... Continue Reading →

Micro Housing Community

By: Brooke Everard, Chandler Arnsdorf, Brandon Conrad In recent years and the past few months the west coast has been faced with record setting fires. These monstrous disasters have displaced many families with some being faced with nowhere to go. Our simple micro-unit housing solution aims to help people such as those displaced by these... Continue Reading →

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