Pine White Grove Community

Pine White Grove is a community in Eugene, Oregon that aims to provide an affordable, sustainable, safe space for climate or political refugees. By creating modular 'micro-units,' Pine White Grove provides rapid shelter options for refugees that are eventually customizable and adaptable to various household sizes and needs. The community also features a public community... Continue Reading →

Pine White Grove – Iteration 2

For the second iteration, the project team focused more on the development of the community building and on further developing the micro-unit. The redesign considerations focused on enhancing the user-experience and incorporating lessons learned from trauma-informed design studies. Team Members Ethan Frolov 3rd Year University of Oregon Architecture Major Andrew Garcia 5th Year Oregon State... Continue Reading →

Pine White Grove – Iteration 1

A community created for refugees who have been affected by a natural disaster. This community will focus on fostering a sense of safety and privacy for individuals facing troubling times. Residents of this community will not only experience the warmth of their temporary homes, but also become a part of an integrated environment with opportunities... Continue Reading →

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