Student Work

Hexagonal Community

This hexagonal design combines its unique design and reciprocal roof system to provide a safe community to those in need in Eugene. This design accommodates both large families and single people with both clusters and stand-alone structures. The community garden, community space, and areas set aside for private backyards come together as a welcoming space.

Theseus’ District

 After gaining inspiration from raw-wood precedents like the Roundwood House by Rural Studio, we have been developing a system for using timber poles in their most structural and natural form. The unique hollow steel tube connection was a low-stress precursor to our current modular steel connection, and promises to provide a mass-producible system for connecting... Continue Reading →

Micro Housing Community

By: Brooke Everard, Chandler Arnsdorf, Brandon Conrad In recent years and the past few months the west coast has been faced with record setting fires. These monstrous disasters have displaced many families with some being faced with nowhere to go. Our simple micro-unit housing solution aims to help people such as those displaced by these... Continue Reading →

The Grove – I

Eugene has one of the highest populations of unhoused people per capita in the country. Our goal in creating this community is to provide people with shelter by designing micro-units that can be quickly assembled and are made out of inexpensive, but durable materials. In this project we are striving to create community for people... Continue Reading →

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