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“There is no chance that modern science is going to catch up with the qualities of photosynthesis and therefore any materials that’s ultimately grown by the sun is the most technologically advanced materials we can use so let’s figure out how to use it in architecture.” -Michael Green

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In 1980, the 27,000 square feet Rendezvous was constructed in the alpine zone to provide customers food and shelter during their excursions around Blackcomb Mountain. Thanks to the construction of Peak to Peak Gondola, it serves as a year round tourist attraction. As tourism increased renovations were required to mend wear and tear of the facility. Michael Green was commissioned to design the facility during its renovation. With a modest budget and a short time window for construction, Michael’s design serve to maximize space through centralized circulation to mitigate congestion and frustration during busy seasons, this was accomplished by aesthetically establishing clear functions for space inside the building. Adding to the timber frame transformed a central dinning hall and increased seating areas. Often renovating is a cost effective approach for a building experiencing degradation. I respect Michael Green, his designs justly reduce congestion, renew interior and exterior finishes that exhibit dysfunction, and facilitates time and materials by transforming the efficiency of a system.

The column to beam system is reinforced with a truss system, which creates structural stability. A truss system effectively transfers compressive loads to columns that are the main support for the frame. Through a mechanical connection, tension stress experienced in the beam in the lateral direction is transferred to the column where gravity takes over.  ii

Source: http://mg-architecture.ca/work/whistler-rendezvous-renovation/


bbOttawa, Ontario
The client sought to expand the Ottawa Airport, so Michael as a Project Principal joined forces at his predecessor firm to find a design solution for expansion. Standing the test of time, material is history, and Michael Green designs using material to expand its purpose. For this project reclaimed heavy timber was introduced from a demolished WWII aircraft hangar. Since the reclaimed heavy timber was airport property, it was a cost effective solution for the client. Look around the natural environment and marvel at growing spears piercing the atmosphere exhaling what we need to live and sequestering what we exhale. Forests when managed and replenished for future generations are our saving grace. When resources are limited and demand is high, wood’s anisotropic behavior provides the tensile strength required for cost effective solutions during construction. For clients who accept bids based on cost effective solutions presented, Michael Green provides an additional service to clients by designing with materials that have social benefits. xx.jpgThere are more reclaimed heavy timber columns than metal beams. This is an example of where metal connections brace a timber frame. Wood is not only an ornament in design but aids in structural stability. The columns bear compressive forces and are stabilized through horizontal bracing to prevent lateral deformations in the columns of the facade.
 One advantage of digital fabrication tools is a structure could easily be disassembled and given a new role in another structure though more than likely it will take seconds to establish new parameters for a give element.
Architect of Record for Phase II was JL Richards.
Prince George, BC
To resolve problems of security and support cost effective technical solutions, three phases were commissioned to complete the projects objectives to improve overall security, which increases international flights.
One of my favorite topics is sustainability. Sustainability can range from sustainable business practices to environmental sustainability, which is micromanaged around the world in a array of practices.  Michael Green collaborates with communities to fabricate his designs in public and private sectors, he presents designs that reduce the net consumption of the world’s resources, consumption of energy, emissions of greenhouse gases, and solid waste generation for the building industry. Revitalizing existing spaces and structures must be sustainable, this was achieved in renovation and expansion of the Prince George Airport. Managed by experts in design sectors, engineering firms, and construction companies, each team is given an opportunity to uphold the contract. If a contract fails to establish clear terms of agreement by presenting inadequate information such as clients visions, it is in the clients’ best interest to renegotiate the terms of service so a job can be executed effectively and efficiently. Michael Green’s designs continue to inspire his clients in both public and private sectors, so he is commissioned again and again for projects.

The columns and beams are shaped using 5 axis CNC equipment. This wood structure uses discreet tight fitting pin connections, light reflects off the columns and beams creating a warm environment. The departure lounge design accommodates flyers with different preferences using interior wood designs such as panelized maple plywood, birch box seats, and maple benches. Douglas fir ceiling planks may likely be connected by tongue and groove connections to form a durable surface though I am not sure if it is necessary for interior and exterior soffits.

Now for the best part, awards! Design awards continue to showcase projects for their excellence. Providing incentives is a positive reinforcement to work together with what we have to make something better for a community to experience. After a three phase commission the project was awarded the Lieutenant‐Governor of BC Medal  in 2006

This could be old news to whoever is reading through our blog, but it remains a graceful reminder of how design may not seemingly impact your day to day life, but your designs when erected can influence future generations. Just as the Taj Mahal has influenced generations. Our built environment is the fabric of our lives and a legacy of our accomplishments.

As Michael Green says, “Big Problems = Big Opportunities = Big Solutions”

Bucholz McEvoy Architects





Another Project from Bucholz McEvoy Architects is the Limerick County Hall, Dooradoyle, Limerick, Ireland.

This project was completed in 2003 with an area of 7,300 sqm.
The building design serves the public by housing office space for 260 employees. Designers were task with aesthetically reinforcing the use and understanding of public space in this suburban landscape. So what does this look like? And how do you “hinge” between a semi-natural open space from the small county library that follows the Ballinacurragh creek and an adjacent large shopping mall? The answer is designing a building that hinges between these two environments as requested by the client. This was achieved through innovative design. Linking the semi-natural open space by designing sloping green planes, native vegetation reflects the natural environment as envisioned by the client. Linking the sky to the land was achieved by fabricating a timber screen that is similar to domes and arches that tilt in the direction of the mystical forces that supports our life on earth. The screen arches aways from the building to the natural environment, which supports the life within the walls. Notice how the form at the end of timber screen as it approaches but does not bear any load on the timber retaining walls; seem to mimic our natural inclination to look up towards the sky for inspiration when a wall that means to protect a community limits ones imagination. This space allows for one to create their own means to connecting our imagination to our role within a governed community.

Photography : Michael Moran


My favorite image from this structure is the main atrium, which is a place for local authorizes to meet. As designers, we have potential to use traditional truss systems in an innovative fashion. The use of wood columns reflect the light creating an inviting environment for its users.

What an extraordinary use of wood. The arches and beam mechanical connection to a steal rod place vertically on a building is the essence of both determination and perseverance. No doubt, there were many iterations of this design presented to a client before fabrication was approved by an engineer. This grid shell is an example of how digital fabrication tools can be used to simplify creating a repeated modular design for large scale applications.